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My Most Bazaar Coach Charter Experience in 2016

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Hi, I’m Bob, one of the Busmoves.com staff member / Coach Driver.

I just had to write about my experience on a two day Bus Moves Coach charter to the Central Coast.

We left Sydney on Friday, picked up a Corporate Group from Sydney going to The Central Coast.

The Friday went fairly normally, I picked up the group and proceeded to The Central Coast. We stopped for lunch at Gosford. Then after lunch I took the Group to the Hotel where they held a corporate function, then a game of Golf. All went very smooth.

On Saturday the fun started when the group boarded the Coach as we proceeded to drive to a place called Glenworth Valley Outdoor Adventures, this had been my first time I had ever driven a 13.5 meter Coach to this place. As soon as I turned into the driveway I saw the road disappear and it turned into a dirt track with a 45 degree angle going down into the valley. Twist’s and turns all the way down for over 3 kilometers. It had rained the night before so the dirt track was very slippery. The Coach crawled down into the ravine at 10k’s per hour. We then finally made it safely to the bottom.

Once we made it to the bottom, there was nowhere to park the coach. We were met by one of the staff members and I was told to park the coach in a field about 600 Meters away from the Reception area. The Group and I had to walk to Reception office to organize all the activities like Horse Riding, Quad bike mud track driving, rock climbing and all sorts of stuff. This place had no Wi-Fi, they claimed they had an outage, and NO Phone reception. We were all totally blacked out from any communication from the outside world. So I figured! What better way to spend the entire day than to roll up my sleeves and help the group start the BBQ. I helped cook the Barbie and as soon as everyone sat down to eat lunch. A crazy Staff member decided to take his tractor a few meters away from where we were eating to start spraying chicken SHIT! manure. The stench was so horrible that everyone was complaining. We all told that staff member to stop and explained to him that we were eating. He eventually heard our cries to stop. But by then it was too late he had already sprayed about 100 meters with chicken shit. My T-Bone steak now tasted like Chicken SHIT too. In a combination of chicken shit stench coming from the left and Horse shit stench coming from the right. The BBQ was a total disaster.

I then proceeded to walk back to the coach only to find it sunk both front and rear wheels, the weight of the vehicle made the Coach body laying on the grass paddock like a beached whale. I tagged the diff and raised the shassy and slowly crawled out onto more solid ground.

One hour later, another staff member approached me to tell me that the Coach was scaring the horses. So I had to move it once again to another area where it wouldn’t spook the horses.

I wanted to write this BLOG so other Coach drivers contemplating on 13.5 meter Coach to this place! NOT A GOOD IDEA! Smaller groups of 24 seater Rosa mini-bus absolutely no problem but I personally would never ever take a huge coach to this place ever again.

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Festive season is quickly upon us in 2016

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get ready for bus hire sydneyOur Bus Moves booking calendar is slowly filling up until late February of 2017.

This is just a quick shout-out to all our corporate party event goers. Our Coaches , Buses, even Party bus charter need to be reserved as quickly as possible to ensure you have your vehicle on time.

We urge all our clients to reserve their booking quickly!
We are also anticipating hundreds of thousands of Chinese tourists arriving in Sydney at the start of February 2017 for the Chinese New Year. To reserve your vehicle, you can visit Bus Moves and click on the free quote button.

All of us at Bus Moves would like to thank all our incredible clients for choosing to travel with busmoves.com.